We at Herbert Goldberg choose to personally hand-select diamonds from our cutters in Antwerp and Tel Aviv by a rather easy process. Our number one priority is the cut of the diamond, which is described by its sparkle, shine, and brilliance. In other words, how the diamond will show itself off when worn and featured in fine jewelry Color and clarity are important as well, but we do not buy our diamonds based on what a certificate on a piece of paper may say. The diamonds that we choose to buy have a simple purpose- for that person to wear, enjoy, love, and appreciate.



0 $100,000


1 10




Round 1.00FSI1$0.00
Round 1.06GSI1$0.00
Round 1.00ESI2$0.00
Round 1.09EVS1$0.00
Round 1.21HVS2$0.00
Round 1.32GSI2$0.00
Round 1.51GSI2$0.00
Round 1.56HSI1$0.00
Round 2.01FSI1$0.00
Round 2.29HVS2$0.00
Round 2.86IVS2$0.00
Round 3.75HSI1$0.00
Cushion 1.50HVS1$0.00
Cushion 1.71HVS2$0.00
Cushion 2.01GVS2$0.00
Princess 0.91GVS2$0.00
Princess 1.51FVS1$0.00
Princess 2.09HVS2$0.00
Princess 2.28FVS2$0.00
Round 1.03HSI2$0.00
Round 1.09HSI2$0.00
Round 1.06GVS1$0.00
Round 1.00GSI2$0.00
Round 1.01HSI1$0.00
Round 1.11GSI2$0.00
Round 1.20HVS1$0.00
Round 1.34JSI1$0.00
Round 1.55ISI1$0.00
Round 1.38HSI1$0.00
Round 1.53GSI2$0.00
Round 1.52ISI2$0.00
Round 1.50FSI1$0.00
Round 1.30GSI2$0.00
Round 1.64IVS2$0.00
Round 2.02ISI1$0.00
Round 1.87ISI2$0.00
Round 1.71IVS2$0.00
Cushion 2.02IVS1$0.00
Marquise 1.17DSI2$0.00
Marquise 1.25EI1$0.00
Marquise 1.46GSI1$0.00
Oval 0.93GI1$0.00
Oval 1.16GVS1$0.00
Oval 1.59ISI2$0.00
Oval 1.70IVS2$0.00
Oval 2.40JSI2$0.00
Princess 1.63HVS1$0.00
Princess 1.25HVS1$0.00
Princess 0.92HVS2$0.00
Didn’t see what you were looking for? We have a very extensive collection of diamonds in every shape and size. Please call us for more information.